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Minimize your manufacturing costs and help optimize the manufacturability of your component or part by working with Stillwater’s engineers.

Our experienced engineers provide design
assistance to your team and will work with you to:

  • Assist your design team in creating effective solutions to improve the
    manufacturability of your designs. We will assist in solving your manufacturing challenges while minimizing overall operating costs.
  • Support the design of special tooling, weld fixture, machining fixture, or
    inspection gage to support cost-effective, precise manufacturing of your
  • Optimize your component designs to reduce manufacturing costs and
    increase effectiveness.
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Examples of how Stillwater’s engineers have helped our customers:

Reduced the setup and weld time (and associated costs) for a customer’s large aluminum plate housing (48″ x 89″ x 89″). Stillwater’s suggested revisions to the customer’s design resulted in the use of a modular-keyed configuration that not only reduced the setup and weld times but also eliminated the chance of any alignment errors as well.
Saved an automotive company 1 hour and 40 minutes per production line changeover. Customer needed a way to reduce production costs. By listening to their concerns and applying our knowledge and experience, Stillwater’s engineers designed a fixture enabling this customer to changeover their production line in just 20 minutes. Previously changeovers took upward of 2 hours. In addition, the innovative fixture reduced the customer’s floor space requirements thus freeing it up for other uses. Just imagine what innovative ideas like that can do for your company!
Improved the efficiency and profitability of companies utilizing resistance welding robots. Resistance welding robots weren’t as effective as desired due to the build-up of material on the weld tip after multiple welds. Stillwater assessed what these customer’s current options were and then designed a way to remove excess material from the welding tip more quickly and efficiently – enabling the robots to continue to provide effective welds and saving the cost of replacement weld tips and changeover time.


Want to learn if your part can be made more efficiently? Please contact us to discuss options for better manufacturability.

Want experienced input on a manufacturing or production challenge you face? We’ve been pleasing our customers for over 60 years and would like to help you as well!

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