Stillwater is an active supplier of machining, fabricating, and design services, as well as of specialized equipment, for both domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers.

ROI Improvement

Want help improving the overall ROI of your production operation? Stillwater can help!

For example:
By working with Stillwater design engineers, a major automotive supplier was able to free up valuable manufacturing space and reduce their changeover time from hours to mere minutes!

Scenario: Existing paint fixtures were part specific and required changeover whenever a different automotive model was scheduled for production. Part changes required that removed details be stored on the shop floor limiting available processing areas.

After talking with the customer to completely understand their problem, Stillwater’s engineers developed a solution using an indexing framework which allowed three separate models to be incorporated on the same frame thus producing a major reduction in changeover time! What can we do for your business?

MRO Needs

You can keep your production and facilities at peak efficiency by partnering with Stillwater for your MRO (Maintenance, Repair, & Operation) needs. We are proud to have been recognized by several of our automotive customers with multiple “Supplier of the Year” awards for our help with their precision machining and manufacturing needs.

Stillwater will work with you to meet your unique needs.

For example:
Stillwater set-up and maintains a servo-weld gun repair facility to meet the needs of a major automotive manufacturer. Project scope included the manufacturing and inventory of all parts necessary to build a weld gun from scratch as well as perform necessary repair and refurbishment – often under emergency conditions. Stillwater has operated this department at our facility for over 10 years. For more information on our Gun Build & Repair Services, Tip Dressers, and other resistance welding products, please see our Resistance Welding Products section.

Please Contact Us to discuss your specific MRO needs.

Special Note: Stillwater Technologies proudly sponsored the BuckeyeBullet 1 and BuckeyeBullet 2 race teams. We machined the wheels and various suspension parts for both vehicles. The BuckeyeBullet 1 set the land class speed record of 315+ mph!

For more information on the BuckeyeBullet, please see their website: